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Your logistics, but better. It's what we do

Who are we?

Carousel is a leading European service logistics specialist, focusing on high-performance industries.

Why choose us?

Leading players, in service-focused industries such as: Agriculture, Med-Tech, High-Tech, Scientific, Automotive, all partner with Carousel to fulfil their customer promise, because we add value right at the point our clients interact with their customers.

How do we do it?

We harness the power of technology.

Gateway is our custom-built, transformational data exchange for logistics optimisation; outperforming other traditional tracking platforms on the market. Delivering superior client benefits, it has been designed to enable smart, quantitative decisions that not only improve user experience and process efficiencies, but also facilitate the agile end-to-end solutions required in this hyper-connected age.

Where are we?

We have ten strategic centres offering complete European coverage and a flexible network, so you never need to compromise. Offering a focused portfolio of field engineer and dealer services, plus service-logistics solutions. These include:

  • Extensive first and final-mile delivery options
  • Air and road line-hauls
  • In-night distribution
  • Personalised warehousing
  • Forward Stock Locations (FSL)s; and
  • Returns management solutions.

What is the Carousel group of companies?

Our aim is to become the number one provider for service-logistics in Europe. One of the ways in which we set to achieve this goal is by identifying like-minded businesses to come and join us.

The Carousel group of companies is made-up of a select group of organisations that share our philosophy for always putting the customer first. The companies that make up the group are all proven best-in-class in their individual countries and service specialisms.

By coming together, we have been able to enhance our combined service offering and extend our network in line with demand. This means we can provide highly flexible, seamless service-logistics solutions, underpinned by technology, aimed at enhancing process efficiencies and improving the end-to-end economics of our clients’ value chain.

You can find out more about the companies that make up the Carousel group here.

What is high performance service logistics?

What is high-performance service logistics?

Our promise to is to guarantee delivery precisely when, where, how and at the speed our clients and their customers demand.

We do that by building agile and technology-led transport solutions, which offer dynamic collection and delivery flexibility, together greater visibility and control.

In achieving this goal, we optimise processes, increasing engineer up-time, reduce inventory costs and enhance customer satisfaction, all for the benefit of our clients and their customers.

This is what we call – high-performance service logistics.

A winning formula

It’s our blend of passionate people, trusted network, and powerful technology platforms that create great solutions for you. It's what makes our logistics absolutely better.