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Our story

Carousel was founded in 1986 to tackle a world of service logistics constrained by traditional, inflexible and disjointed services.

The Martin family built a Critical Service Logistics business designed around exceeding customer expectations and needs, with flexible collection and delivery times. Over the last 3 decades, we have invested in technology to provide a highly visible and more accountable service model with Gateway®, our proprietary data-driven digital platform. Growing across Europe, we have expanded air and road networks, acquired LSi and BDA Logistics and broadened capabilities into added value services, including returns management and priority customs clearance.

Most recently, Carousel welcomed Axcel as lead investment partner and merged with Danish provider DANX to create a strongly-positioned pan-European In-night provider for critical logistics. In March 2022, the merger was completed following approval by regulators.

Today, we embody the ‘Whatever it takes, &more’ philosophy of our founders. We see a world of products moving to a world of services with evolving customer needs and expectations.

We put our clients first, with dynamic and sustainable solutions designed around their objectives. We focus on Performance and Life-Critical industries where precision, business continuity and service promise really matter.

Above all, we collaborate, we commit, we care.

One brand, one mission

In January 2022 we announced the merger between DANX and Carousel and specifically, our jointly-held ambition to become the European leader for time-critical in-night logistics.

From innovation to sustainability initiatives, our primary objective remains on delivering exceptional service to our clients and their customers. Critical to this will be sustained investment in our teams, technology, and networks to ensure our growth trajectory remains strong, and that we continue to drive value where it matters most.

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