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Our response to the ongoing COVID-19 situation

A message from Carousel CEO, Jonathan Simpson-Dent, on the actions Carousel has been taking, and is continuing to take, to support our clients, colleague and partners, during the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

NB. This article reflects our perspective as of 30th October 2020. Things are changing on a day to day basis as countries are placed in / out of local lockdowns, and some of this information is subject to change. We will update this regularly as the outbreak evolves, please check back for further updates. 

As many European regions and cities now find themselves back in a ‘second wave’ and a full ‘lockdown’ scenario, I want to remind our clients again that Carousel is prepared for what’s up ahead. We’ve got you, whatever may happen next.

Carousel has been continuously monitoring the advice from European Government bodies on COVID-19 along with wider country / region specific restrictions and daily monitoring of the key active areas across the group, adjusting working practices accordingly. Through early planning and strict preventative measures, we navigated our way through the first wave, and have already enhanced our measures to do it again.

Our strategy focuses on protecting Team Carousel, keeping all our Service Centres fully operational and ultimately, minimising the potential impact of COVID-19 on our clients' supply chains. Our five key initiatives are:

  • Protecting Team Carousel - enhanced precautions and contingencies are in practice across all Service Centres, segregating Operations Teams with appropriate additional protection and limiting external contact where possible
  • COVID-19 Response Team – the team monitors the ongoing situation and reacts dynamically to new updates, potential risks, adjusts operating procedures and develops emergency contingency plans
  • Supply chain impact assessment – we are analysing operations data at a granular level across all our networks, and stabilising our operations, where, when and if needed
  • Complete firm scenario testing and contingency planning - we have defined and verified our contingency plans and proposed protocols for different scenarios. They’re ready to go, should the time come
  • Keeping you informed on the changing situation - our communication plan provides critical updates as and when they happen, anticipating potential issues in your supply chain, and updating you of these whilst managing the risk.

As the turbulence of 2020 continues into 2021 and beyond, we are investing in our team and processes to meet our clients enhanced requirements at this challenging time. I know that our relevance, our purpose-led culture and the bravery, care and commitment of Team Carousel will allow us to support our clients to achieve their goals.

We’re so proud to be supporting our clients through these difficult times, so if you do need any more information or specific detail about Carousel’s contingency plans, or if you have any concerns related to COVID-19, please complete the form below and a member of our COVID-19 Response Team will be in touch.

Need help with your COVID-19 contingency planning, or want to know more about what we're doing to prepare?

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What our clients have to say

"Thank you to the team at Carousel for continuing to provide an exceptional service throughout this time, whilst we contend with COVID-19 and the disruption it brings to everyday life. With the services that you have provided, we have continued to keep our customers moving and enabled efficient parts delivery directly to the end customer"

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