Partner for Value

Partner for value

We recognise the importance of creating strategic value across your business, to align stakeholders needs to achieve inclusive outcomes. Your business eco-system is managed by real people from warehouse operatives, logistics or country managers, operation directors, transformation teams, C-level executives and your customers. Our logistics specialists work alongside them to gather insights and to deliver genuine partnership value that supports your overall objectives.

Customer satisfaction
Enhance linehaul & delivery services to an Agricultural dealer network, from Germany into UK&I, to increase customer satisfaction across Europe
  • Implementation of a customised linehaul charter from Germany into UK&I to enable the latest order cut-off times from their European distribution centre in Germany and early morning delivery before 8am the next day
  • Direct management of all shipping processes via dedicated implant within the European Distribution Centre
  • Flexibility to scale-up to provide delivery services seven days a week in harvest season in UK&I with end-to-end delivery as and when required
  • Fully integrated customs brokerage solution to ensure deliveries arrive on-time without customs delays
  • Logistics cost savings (6%)
  • #1 in dealer satisfaction in Europe
  • SLA compliance (99%)
Increase engineer productivity by providing early morning delivery of parts from Germany across Spain and Portugal
  • Implementation of late collection in the Distribution Centre in Germany for a pre-7am next day delivery into “Pick-Up, Drop-Off” (PUDO) across Spain and Portugal
  • Complex final mile delivery solution with localised deliveries before 7am the next morning using in-boot or drop off box to meet the needs of engineers
  • Engineer uptime increase (15%)
  • Parts availability improvement (98%)
  • Sustainable solution
Improve the efficiency of delivery services from Germany into the UK & Europe via a flexible model to encompass NHS protocol deliveries, Timed Site deliveries & Engineer locker deliveries for a wide range of products including full compliance for hazardous shipments by air and road
  • Solution using our specialist network of air and road services to improve the efficiency of in-country and European delivery services for critical deliveries
  • Full integration with Client’s Warehouse Management System and Haz-Mat system to manage multiple carriers and provide the best route available based on the product and service required
  • Partner with best carriers to speed up delivery times and to streamline delivery bookings with accurate information and documentation
  • Compliance improvement (20%)
  • Time savings (€450k)
  • Reduced network suppliers (6)
Improve returns management from engineers in UK&I to European Distribution Centre in Germany for spare parts within an agreed cycle time
  • Implementation of a locker, site and PUDO solution combined with real-time information using our Gateway® platform
  • Consignment consolidation and preparation from our Birmingham Hub utilising our dedicated charter flights and road network back to the European Distribution Centre in Germany
  • Cycle time improvement (32%)
  • Inventory reduction (€1m)
  • Warehousing cost savings (€300k)
  • Returns compliance improvement (15%)
Increase engineer uptime and productivity by delivering a fully equipped tool case to a UK address, in advance of the engineer arriving at a site, to manage the returns process and to provide visibility of the process
  • A blended road network and shared warehouse solution to deliver a secure tool case, to a UK address before 9am the next day, to allow engineers to complete the work required, in one visit
  • Stock inventory management and tool case returns integrated with Client’s Warehouse Management System for full visibility
  • Visibility of spare parts and stock inventory (100%)
  • Engineer uptime increased (17%)
  • Reduction in parts in field (average of 16 hours)
  • Overhead reduction (€250k)
Increase service productivity, service revenue and reduce costs
  • A flexible end-to-end solution to collect parts from the European Distribution Centre in Germany late in the day and to deliver the parts directly to branches and engineers (via locker boxes), before 8am the next morning, using our air and road network, across UK&I
  • Enablement of branches and engineers to source and return parts quickly and easily with real-time tracking of deliveries to help improve customer experience
  • Reduction in inventory stock (20%)
  • Cost saving in surplus stock (€1m)
  • Improved lead time between collection and delivery (16 hours)
Require a flexible streamlined service logistics solution
  • An end-to-end logistics solution that delivers parts from European Distribution Centre in Germany to 5 European destinations using our air and road network the next day, pre-8am
  • Final mile deliveries in specialised distribution networks with flexibility to extend to additional countries when required
  • Efficient returns management of spare parts from engineers to European Distribution Centre in Germany for recycling purpose within a 10-day SLA
  • Supporting ESG responsibilities by:
  • Reduction in mileage by streamlining air and road network (11%)
  • Returns compliance improvement and efficient returns process (18%)
  • Inventory reduction (€1.5M)