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Suzuki GB Plc

Suzuki GB PLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation, importing product from all over the world.  The company, which has been based in Milton Keynes since 2006, continues to enjoy success in the UK with a recognisable heritage, growing product line-up and a reputation for quality and service.  

In 2019 Suzuki was named in the top three retailers for customer satisfaction and top overall for the automotive category.

The background
As the ninth-largest car company in the world, Suzuki prides itself on providing an outstanding service to its dealers and customers at all times.

Suzuki was looking for a comprehensive solution, from an experienced logistics partner, that would allow them to hand over the administration and organisation for the whole logistics process. This would then leave them free to focus on their core activity – growing the spare parts and aftersales arm of the business, in line with rising aftermarket demand.

The required solution needed to ensure that, regardless of location, each dealer would receive the same level of service, as well as regular on-time deliveries, in line with the Suzuki Service Promise.

Our approach
With vast experience in understanding the complex challenges that automotive supply chains are often subject to, Carousel approached Suzuki with an innovative solution.

Carousel first ran a successful three-month trial with some of the most difficult and hard-to-reach dealers, and this gave Suzuki complete confidence that a long-term partnership would also be successful.

Suzuki is committed to getting new parts to dealers in the shortest timeframe as possible, helping to mitigate the risk of disruption for their businesses. To support this, Carousel now manages both sides of the supply chain for Suzuki. Inbound goods arrive from its sister warehouse in Germany, and outbound to the 450-strong network of dealers across the UK and Ireland.  

The dealer delivery service is through-the-night for the car dealerships and through the day, pre-5pm for bike, ATV and marine. 

Carousel not only services Suzuki with unique delivery slots, in and out of significant mainland Europe airports, but following significant training and investment in ETD security screening technology, it is also able to self-handle and load freight too, speeding-up the handling process and preventing delays.

When parts arrive, Carousel consolidates the inbound goods allowing Suzuki to reduce time, cost and unnecessary delivery mileage on distribution. All orders arrive as one delivery to the customer, reducing individual delivery numbers and streamlining the entire logistics solution.

The strong partnership between Carousel and Suzuki has enabled the automotive manufacturer to make considerable time and cost savings throughout its supply chain.

Key benefits include:

  • Consolidated delivery options – saving time and preventing delays for a consistent and more reliable service
  • Full end-to-end service, including waste-reducing return and recycling packaging solution – saving administration time that can be better spent elsewhere
  • Flexible solution – that can scale quickly to meet customer demand in peak periods
  • Consistent delivery performance in the high 99s percentile – supporting in Suzuki’s Service Promise and giving them the competitive edge
  • Tech-driven solution with detailed tracking and tracing of freight at any time – this streamlines processes, reducing day-to-day administration, and enhances the customer experience.

The result:

  • Carousel’s flexible and adaptable solution, allows Suzuki to keep their ‘Suzuki Service Promise’, adding value to the brand’s customers and dealerships
  • Carousel has achieved outstanding results against all set objectives. Delivery and collection are consistently in the high 90s percentile
  • Carousel has committed to contractually providing Suzuki with a 98% on time, in full clause, which continues to be met because of its innovative solution. 

As well as reliability, Carousel’s solution allows Suzuki to instantly and flexibly respond to customer demand and remain competitive. Not constrained by fixed delivery networks, Carousel’s in-night delivery service means automotive businesses like Suzuki can:

  • Reduce costs
  • Slash carbon footprints
  • Save time
  • Meet urgent, very early morning, day-definite delivery requirements.

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