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Liebherr GB Ltd

Liebherr is one of the world's largest manufacturers of construction machinery and has more than 46,200 employees worldwide.

Objective and brief
Prior to working with Carousel, Liebherr’s aftermarket solution consisted of two warehouses in the UK and Ireland which were each served by line-haul deliveries from multiple distribution sites (EDCs) across Germany and France.

In 2015 a central logistics hub, LLG (Liebherr Logistics) was opened at Oberopfingen, Germany. This hub had enough space to hold 100,000 separate spare parts and products making way for future expansions.

Soon after LLG became operational, the company realised that their original line-haul service was no longer meeting demand. Confidence in consistently delivering timely air freight deliveries had also deteriorated.

Liebherr wanted to offer a reliable ‘next day’ service to their depots, engineers and customers and needed a partner who could add value to their supply chain with an innovative service.

Our approach
Carousel approached Liebherr with a solution that would allow spare part deliveries to occur in–night directly from LLG – to specific addresses throughout the UK and before 8am.

After a successful trial, spare parts were shipped from the head office in Biggleswade, UK, directly to depots and engineers.

The use of technology
The Liebherr supply chain is heavily reliant on the data, and selected Carousel because they could achieve full visibility and control from day one. Knowing about delays on the day of departure, Liebherr can now proactively seek alternative solutions.

Offering consolidated consignments, accurate information and reliable deliveries, Carousel’s solution has vastly improved Liebherr’s delivery times and overall reliability:

  • Inventory stock holdings at Liebherr’s main warehouse in the UK have reduced. Spare parts however are still delivered next day from the UK or Germany with the same reliance.
  • Deliveries from the UK and Germany are consolidated in Birmingham ensuring all spare parts arrive in one consignment.
  • Accurate information enables Liebherr to keep their engineers and customers fully informed about parts deliveries preventing delays and keeping the customer happy.

The result
Feedback has been incredibly positive with engineers, service controllers, salesmen and customers all vocalising their opinion on the improved service.

The reliability offered by Carousel throughout the entire delivery service has helped to rebuild customer trust in Liebherr’s sales and service teams.

Accurate information enables Liebherr to keep their engineers and customers fully informed about spare parts deliveries preventing delays, reducing administration and keeping the customer happy.

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