12 July 2019

Carousel launches new ETD Security Screening service

Carousel is pleased to announce the addition of a new ETD Security Screening service to its high-performance portfolio.

What is ETD and why do I need it?

Explosive Trace Detection – or ‘ETD’– systems are used to check for the presence of explosives.

ETD is used when freight is unable to pass the high-level security requirements during primary X-Ray screening methods, for instance when the consignment is too dense to go through normal screening equipment. This type of cargo could include: heavy machinery; car and agricultural parts (such as engines); medical equipment and technology.

While these occasions are rare, by investing in this new service Carousel has prevented possible delays to ensure that clients continue to get the best service possible, no matter the freight type.

How does ETD work?

ETD works by detecting trace amounts on goods in transit, in the form of particulate matter or vapour. Carousel’s machine can detect even the smallest trace of explosives from a single wipe of a swab.

Carousel provides explosive trace detection services alongside its already extensive security screening capabilities. The ETD services are carried out by our team of in-house qualified operators, 24/7, at our Birmingham Airport hub.

Commenting on the new service, Divisional Director – Kevin Turner – at Carousel, said: “The launch of Carousel’s new ETD Security Screening Service delivers on our commitment for providing clients with a portfolio of high-performing logistics services, that streamline time-consuming operational procedures. By investing in this new service, we have not only enhanced our extensive European footprint and rapid response capabilities, but also guaranteed the delivery of comprehensive, fully end-to-end solutions, that give our clients the competitive edge.”

For more information, please contact Kevin Turner by emailing info@carousel.eu.