28 May 2019

Carousel launches new service and technology platform

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our new service and technology platform.

'Gateway', is our own technology platform, built to help service-focused industries gain the competitive edge in a hyper-connected age of manufacturing.

We have begun rolling out the new platform to our clients, consolidating our position on the continent, just weeks after our acquisition of time-critical logistics company BDA Logistics Innovation. Gateway plays a critical part in our continued focus on becoming the number one choice for aftermarket and service logistics, across Europe.

What is Gateway?
Gateway is a custom-built data-exchange that connects all stakeholders, facilitating the free flow of information, and the synchronised handling and sharing of data between parties. It fuses together the physical infrastructure of an aftermarket solution, with digital
information from across a value chain; giving complete visibility and control, in one easy portal.

Designed with the end user in mind, Gateway enables smart, quantitative decisions – based on data, rather than gut-instinct – to improve user-experience and process efficiencies and facilitate agile end-to-end solutions.

Direct ERP integration has been a key development focus for Carousel, adding transparency and control for clients seeking high-performance service solutions for their aftermarket business. With a complete control-tower view, Gateways helps OEMs make sense of their data, providing milestone data to improve the end-to-end economics of their logistics. By optimising processes Carousel’s Gateway platform can guarantee the smooth flow of parts and products.

Making data and analytics readily available
Gateway holds and exchanges real-time data from all internal and external stakeholders in a value chain, within one central hub. Designed to easily and seamlessly interface with existing and emerging technologies, it provides complete transparency, to enable proactive decisions.