16 August 2016

Is your aftermarket up to scratch?

Aftermarket services are an attractive source of high-margin revenue but they can be notoriously hard to manage.  If you’re convinced about the need to improve your aftermarket service offering but not exactly sure about how you go about it, or want to understand how those leading the field view the future of spare parts logistics, then read on.

The aftermarket industry is in a period of rapid change, with high customer expectations and a greater emphasis being placed on often critical and fast-paced demands. Though an attractive source of high margin revenue and a critical contributor to a company’s financial performance, many businesses are failing to get their aftermarket services right and to find a provider that truly meets their needs.

Critical factors contributing to this are outlined in our latest white paper and include:

  • The growing importance being placed on customer experience
  • The rise of consumerism,  driving up B2B expectations
  • Poor communication and its impact on supply chain management
  • An end to the ‘standard’ aftermarket supply chain; requirements are now dependent on each organisation, their operations and individual customer needs.

As a result of these changes, we have found that current service levels in aftermarket logistics are ‘acceptable’ but that there are significant areas for improvement. Satisfaction levels for instance were found in our research to be at 7.6 out of ten on average, and though not terrible, respondents to the independent research outlined clear areas that they would like to see improve. A failure to address these improvement areas however will prevent businesses from achieving better outcomes and compromise future success.

So, what are the key factors that could help to improve aftermarket and spare parts logistics? Here is an overview of three of the paper’s key findings:

  1. The need for a flexibility of service, to meet varying client expectations was a key take-away within the paper. This means that logistics providers need to prioritise a great range of services and demonstrate best practice across all areas to meet the increasing demands of their customers. Key services cited include overnight deliveries and reverse logistics, as well as more flexible collection and delivery schedules.
  2. Communication was another key factor, impacting on both external and internal ‘pain’ within the logistics life cycle. Respondents also cited the need for higher quality and more proactive communication from outsourced service providers.
  3. Better use of technology will enhance visibility of stock and improved reporting is also vital. While some companies are now aware of track service metrics, many are not aware of best practice in the performance of these technologies.

Here at Carousel we are proud of our customer-first approach to logistics. Unlike traditional logistics companies who are limited to offering rigid and fixed services, our integrated technologies together with unrivalled partner network and client experience teams means we can intelligent and flexible solutions that truly enhance your business. For instance, our 4C technology offers real-time insight to your supply chain network and is a simple online platform to book and track all consignments.

Our efficient and highly innovative solutions are always personalised to you, meaning you get a service on your terms and always without compromise. But the benefits don’t end there. As well as a highly configurable logistics solution you also have access to our award-winning team of experts who will guide you on the journey and keep you up to date with all of the latest technology advancements. What more could you want?

If you’re struggling to meet the demands of your aftermarket, or simply want to explore how you can elevate your customer service levels through logistics, then give us a call today to find out how we can help you. To speak to one of our trusted experts simply contact 01795 413602 for a friendly chat.

OR to request your copy of the Carousel white paper email findoutmore@carousel.eu or click the link below.