5 June 2018

Is your logistics provider delivering on your customer service promise?

In a fiercely competitive market , getting head and shoulders above the rest is difficult to achieve, particularly in spare parts. After all, have you ever asked yourself why someone would be compelled to buy from you over your biggest competitor?

One defining factor could be whether your logistics provider is living up to your customer service promise. Now, more than ever, your field engineers need more from you. That means increased better efficiency, faster availability of parts, easy ways to log and track operations, plus convenient delivery and returns points. Getting this right requires a fast, efficient and effective logistics service where parts are delivered precisely when, where, how and the speed your customers demand.

So, our question is – is your logistics provider delivering on your customer service promise?

We know, having spoken to leading players in the industry, that continued investment and taking a long-term strategy view of spare parts is critical for achieving success, both now and in the future.  The pace of technology is advancing at a rate of knots and by focusing only on the short-term, and not making the necessary investments, organisations will not only risk falling behind, but also miss out on significant revenue streams in the future too.

A key part of responding to these challenges is ensuring that organisations are aligning themselves with providers that can support them with their short and long-term goals and ultimately give them the competitive edge. Your engineers are the key to delivering your customer promise, so keeping them happy is paramount.

This is where someone like Carousel can help. On average, our UK in night service delivers at 4.37am, and even if orders are made late into the evening, we can still get parts delivered the very next day. By picking up later and delivering earlier we can lengthen your engineers’ working day and shorten return cycle time.

Our flexible final mile options give more convenient pick-up and returns points, saving valuable road miles, while technology enables engineers to select the speed, means and destination of a returned part, on-the-go, and all at the touch of a button.

Real time updates mean you can see and resolve issues that might cause delays, quickly, while automatic alerts notify engineers of a part’s arrival, so there’s absolutely no need for them to wait around. By delivering your parts precisely when, where, how and at the speed your engineers demand, we can not only meet your service promise but also improve your customer satisfaction levels which, in turn, helps you keep and win more business.

Leading players partner with Carousel to fulfil their customer promise, because we add value right at the point our clients interact with their customers. That’s why we’d love to speak to you, to see how we can help. Contact us to find out more.