20 June 2018

Logistics in action: The latest mission by LSi Logistik

This blog details a recent mission that the team at LSi Logistik undertook involving the movement of dangerous good, classes 1.4S, 1.4G and 1.3C, between Brazil and Sweden.

Florian Fochler, who coordinated the project from LSi Logistik said: “In order to carry-out an air freight charter of dangerous goods, class 1 (explosives), you require the right know-how, a reliable network and a lot of flexibility.”

This blog goes behind the scenes of this large, air freight movement.

Overcoming the impossible

Right from the off, this project presented great challenges.

When planning began in April, the selected air charter operator in Brazil gave us an initial transport timeframe of mid-June, due to the time it would have taken to get the necessary permits together. Charter contracts can only be accepted if all necessary permits for the transport are available at least four weeks prior to the start of transport – time that our client simply did not have. However, LSi – along with the help of the charter agent – were able to resolve the permit issue in just two short weeks.

Loading day

On 19 April, the charter contract was signed and loaded in Brazil, scheduled for departure on 4 May and unloaded in Sweden for 7 May. LSi secured a permit to fly from Brazil and this was issued a few days later by the authorities, with stopovers on the Cape Verde Islands and Ireland confirmed.

The departure

We selected airport Viracopos (VCP) as our departure airport in Brazil, about 60 miles south of Sao Jose Dos Campos (SJK). It was selected because it could accommodate the specific requirements of the aircraft’s technical equipment. The charter company subsequently released a new flight schedule including another stopover at the Brazilian airport Recife Guararapes (REC), and the consignor provided the ground transportation by truck to the airport for departure.

Shortly before deadline on 2 May, the Brazilian government granted export approval. The ferry flight of the Antonov AN-24 to Brazil was ready to start.

Achieving success in complex environments

The consignment departed as planned on 5 May 12:30 local time and arrived after three stopovers on 7 May 15:49h local time.

Commenting on the success of the project, Florian Fochler said: “The goal of LSi Logistik and Carousel has and always will be to offer dynamic collection and delivery flexibility because we know availability and reliability are critical to our clients’ success. We achieve this via our agile working methods and technology-driven solutions, which ensure the smooth flow of parts and products – no matter their size!

“This project is a fantastic example of how our company mission plays out in real life. LSi’s passion, commitment and expertise were the three ingredients that made this success story possible for our client. Now our piece of the puzzle is completed, it’s up to the scientists to generate the desired results from their upcoming campaign.”