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Talking heads: 10 minutes with Mohammed, undergraduate intern

19 August 2019

Having now completed my first month’s placement at Carousel, I am left wondering how time flies! I thought this would be a brilliant time to reflect on my experience of moving from student life to the ‘real world’, as a logistics professional.

Firstly, a little about who I am. My name is Mohammed and I’m currently on placement at Carousel Logistics as a Client Solutions Assistant. I study Business Computing and IT BSc (Hons) at Aston University. It has been interesting to reflect on what I have learnt in a matter of a month on placement adjusting from studying to working full time, especially those early mornings!

You might be wondering how a computing student falls into the world of logistics?

Well, in my second year of university I took an optional module in Operations Management. I found the module very interesting, so I decided I wanted to combine computing and logistics together.

I was given the opportunity to be a part of Novus Trust who offer guidance for university students looking to make it in the world of logistics. That’s when I first came across Carousel as they are one of the sponsors working alongside Novus and they were offering placement opportunities. As a leader in tech-driven logistics solutions Carousel was the ideal company for me, as it has allowed me to explore my two passions, together. A placement with Carousel offered many avenues for me to learn more about logistics and IT, so I decided to apply.

When arriving at the headquarters for the assessment day, everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I found it almost odd that people were actually happy about being at work?! Throughout the day, I was able to speak to many of the company’s passionate professionals, which only increased my eagerness to become part of Team Carousel and contribute to their ongoing success.

Using my degree in practice

Now, just a month-in, the role is already ticking all the boxes! I have already started helping behind the scenes, working with the IT team on Gateway project. The role allows me to delve into many different areas of IT. I have learnt the importance of testing when implementing new software. Also, being able to put some theory to the test and apply it to real situations has proven to be very beneficial.

During university I had taken some modules relating to system analysis and I have been able to transfer this knowledge this role. I have been given the opportunity to analyse the system and give improvements that would potentially enhance Gateway. From university, I have only learnt the basics of system analysis, but here at Carousel I have been able to learn how to present findings in a more defined and professional manner. As well as this, the placement has already allowed me to gain key general skills when it comes to working, for example, how to manage my schedule and conduct myself in meetings.

Challenges I’ve had to face

Despite all the great skills and opportunities, the placement does have its challenges.

The biggest challenge that I have faced, in my transition from being a student, is working with a team that is sometimes dependent on the work you produce; this can be slightly daunting! They’re all good challenges though, and I believe placement years are fantastic for giving students the experience of working in a professional environment, and real-life working situations, which university just cannot teach.

There is still a lot for me to learn on my placement journey here at Carousel. I look forward to the upcoming months, so I can enhance my skills further and get stuck into many more projects!

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