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LSi Logistik rebrands to Carousel Logistics

12 April 2019

LSi GmbH Logistik Service individuell has now rebranded to Carousel Logistics following its merger with the European service logistics specialist in 2017. The new brand will reflect LSi’s position within the wider Carousel group of companies, incorporating the corporate name and brand recognition into all future business activities.

The decision to rebrand comes more than a year after LSi and Carousel announced its merger; advancing the service capabilities and extending the European footprint of both companies. Despite the new name, there will be no changes to the LSi operations team or its office locations. Users attempting to access LSi’s website will however now be re-directed to the Carousel website.

Graham Martin, group CEO at Carousel said: “Today’s rebrand marks a significant milestone in our company’s history, as the demand for delivering high performance service-led logistics continues to grow. By formalising our partnership with LSi – bringing both businesses under one central brand – we have created a fantastic foundation for our future growth, as one company.”

Alice Friday, Head of Marketing at Carousel, said: “Though LSi and Carousel have worked as one company for some time, this rebrand ensures that clients, suppliers and partners alike are aware of our broader expertise, extensive European network and diverse service portfolio. This centralised brand will also be of increasing importance as we continue to grow.”

 **Please note the registered name of LSi GmbH Logistik Service individuell has now been changed to reflect the rebrand. The new company name is Carousel Logistics GmbH and this company remains part of the wider group of Carousel companies.