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Just-in-time logistics in Europe

17 January 2018

Years of customs experience, at your finger tips

A ‘Just-in-time’ (JIT) approach to logistics is a fantastic way to increase efficiency on the manufacturing side of the supply chain, because it creates leaner processes, while also reducing inventory storage costs. JIT is a solution that means goods are only sent and receipted as they are needed and companies often opt for this strategy because it helps to increase competitiveness and improve forecasting too.

Carousel, together with its European arm LSi Logistik, implements a range of JIT solutions for its clients across a range of sectors, helping them to optimise their operations and in turn, increase competitiveness within their wider markets. We’re perfectly positioned to support businesses in this way because of our agile business model, and this is no truer than in a post-Brexit landscape.

In this blog, the latest in our series of Brexit-themed articles, we interview Hendrik Wobben, Project & Business Development Manager at LSi to examine the important role a JIT logistics solution will play post-Brexit, and how providers like Carousel and LSi can help businesses maintain competitiveness, as well as consistency and reliability.  

What can we look to expect in a post-Brexit landscape?

“As mentioned in our last Brexit blog there is a chance that after Brexit the UK and EU transit time for cross-border shipping could be longer due to the extra complexity in customs documentation at the border.

“The truth is, we may have borders, we may not; we just don’t know yet.

“But what we do know, is how to overcome the similar challenges posed by JIT services, when we deal with border logistics between Switzerland and Germany. Carousel and LSi have 70 years’ combined experience in this area, making us international trade and global logistics experts.”

So, Hendrik, what can you tell us about the Carousel and LSi solution?

“We run a high-speed delivery service from Germany, Austria and The Netherlands into Switzerland. It has a total of four line-haul operations: Austria and Bavaria operating from Munich, one from Eastern Germany and another from The Netherlands, all delivering into Switzerland.


Swiss route map

“Carousel and LSi are specialists in delivering high-speed deliveries into Switzerland, as early as 7.00am or at a time that suits the customer. As well as our in-night delivery service - where consignments arrive before 7.00am - we also offer a day-delivery service, where consignments arrive no later than 5.00pm, but a high percentage do arrive before noon.

“With our tried and tested method, we deliver consignments using several transport-vans each day, and all at high-speed meeting the requirements of a JIT model.”

How does Carousel and LSi maximise speed and efficiencies?

“Current customs regulations in Switzerland require all shipments of goods or documents to be declared. This means that any shipment must be accompanied by a commercial invoice or pro forma invoice, and it’s this process which can delay deliveries into the country.

“Yet, by being an agile logistics provider, we can adapt to whatever circumstances we need to within our network of tried and trusted partners.

“By using an en-route customs clearance process we can ensure that the goods we move arrive anywhere in Switzerland either pre breakfast or next day (depending on the client’s wish)."

How does it work?

“To begin the process, the prepared customs documentation and consignment information is transmitted electronically to Customs throughout the afternoon, way ahead of the line-haul vehicles arriving at the German/Swiss border. This allows time for Customs to authorise the release of goods, whilst they are still in transit. By the time the goods arrive at the border, Customs clearance has already been prepared and the goods are ready to be distributed next day, without delay.”

What do you do about specialist consignments?

“Our route can also accommodate large and out of gauge freight. We can even achieve a same day delivery time for other, more specialist deliveries, if required. Customs clearance in this instance is managed by our experts directly, in real-time at the border of Switzerland.”

What benefit does this service bring to your clients?

“Our high-speed in-night delivery service not only gives our clients certainty and reliability, but they also get:

  • Latest possible pick-up
  • Arrival at the central Swiss depot by 9.00pm
  • Delivery next day either before 7.00am or no later than 5.00pm.

“And, for an extra layer of planning and efficiency, we also provide a tracking system to ensure they are always up-to-date on the location and ETA of their shipment. What’s more, we also coordinate shipments on our clients’ behalf, freeing them up to put their focus elsewhere.”

We are already in the process of setting up and mirroring a comparable service across all of our European operations. Operational resilience tests are underway to ensure we are fully prepared well in advance of the Brexit deadline. If you’d like to find out more, talk to us today about our high-speed logistics network throughout Europe, and find out how we can support your business in a post-Brexit landscape.

A picture of Hendrik Wobben
Hendrik Wobben

LSi Logistik Project & Business Development Manager