Graham and Tracy

Carousel team member celebrates a decade

20 April 2015

Ten years of service for Tracy

Tracy Morrison, Carousel's Implementation Manager within the Client Experience team is celebrating 10 years with the business. 

After joining Carousel in 2005, Tracy has played a key part in the exciting and ongoing growth within the company over the past decade, and most recently has seen her role within the business develop thanks to her exceptional partner and client relations.

As recognition and thanks for her dedication to Carousel, Tracy was presented with gifts and flowers by Chief Executive, Graham Martin on behalf of the company and congratulated by the whole of the Carousel team.

"Ten years is a fantastic achievement which we truly value respect and celebrate here at Carousel. Tracy embodies Carousel's brand values, integrity, passion, flexibility and drive entirely and I'm sure colleagues partners and clients alike agree that she's a fantastic team member and a wonderful asset to this company. We look forward to another ten years with Tracy on board." JEN HARPER, HR DIRECTOR

In her role today, Tracy takes our clients' desires and expectations and ensures we turn these into real deliverables. Tracy plays a pivotal role in the delivery of a great client experience, as we take new clients through the Diagnose, Design and Implementation stages of our unique process to build a personalised logistics system.

But Tracy's work doesn't stop there as it's not just new clients that she looks after; Tracy is also responsible for integral ongoing projects for existing clients as part of Carousel's Manage and Review processes. In these projects, which are developed specifically to ensure an ongoing exceptional client experience, Tracy is reverse engineering existing procedures and practices to make sure they are optimised and as effective as possible, and also still meet the client's desires and expectations today and in the future.