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Agricultural logistic solutions designed with precision for the future of agriculture

What is Agriculture Logistics?

Agriculture Logistics is a sector-specific approach to logistics, that focuses on the precise and reliable movement of spare parts and that supports in the future success of the wider industry.

It is important agricultural brands work with a sector specialist for their logistics because we understand the criticality and financial implication of machine downtime, on productivity and profitability.

An agricultural solution needs to focus on both speed of delivery and quality of customer service; read below about how Carousel achieves this for our clients.

Why is Carousel the right choice for my Agriculture Logistics?

Primarily, we are experts in what we do.

We partner with some of the biggest agricultural companies in the world (John Deere, Claas, and AGCO to name but a few), to provide first-class spare parts and aftermarket logistics solutions for dealers and end customers.

As specialists in Critical Service Logistics, we understand the pressures of managing customer expectations, seasonal demands, and the significant consequences of having high-value machinery out of commission.

That is why our solutions focus on guaranteeing simplicity and maximum efficiency in your supply chain. Our end-to-end agricultural solutions are completely seamless, managing all parts movements from manufacture, to EDC, to dealer or direct to customer and the returns too.

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What services does Carousel offer to the agriculture industry?

We provide reliable yet flexible end-to-end final mile logistics solutions which add value and resilience across your supply chain. Our ability to flex to your needs means we can also create dynamic and sustainable logistics experiences for your customers. Here is just a few of our service highlights:

  • Late collection and pre-breakfast deliveries
  • Dealer and direct to farmer deliveries
  • Dealer to dealer deliveries, when required
  • In-house customs brokerage service
  • Delivery consolidation for large and small parts
  • Tailored and flexible final mile options, even in remote locations
  • Scheduled deliveries for stock
  • Flexibility to scale during seasonal peaks
  • Seamless part returns management
  • End-to-end quality control and data integrity
  • Complete visibility and control.


For seven consecutive years, we have been recognised as a Partner-Level Supplier in the John Deere Achieving Excellence Program. The John Deere Partner Status is the highest rating that can be awarded to suppliers by the internationally distinguished brand.
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Who needs an Agriculture Logistics Specialist like Carousel?

Our Agriculture Logistics solutions can address a wide-ranging list of common sector challenges. Some of the most common use cases are as follows:

  • Maintain a reliable flow of parts to and from manufacturer and farmer
  • Improve or maintain an exceptional level of customer experience
  • Guarantee fast deliveries with late cut-offs for orders
  • Optimised inventory management
  • Seamless returns
  • ‘One stop service shop’ for all aspects of the agriculture sector.

If you need help with any of the above, then you need the help of an Agriculture Logistics Specialist like Carousel.

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How is an Agriculture Logistics Specialist like Carousel different to a traditional provider?

Traditional solutions are fixed and do not offer the same strategic flexibility that a sector-specialist can.

The services offered are usually predetermined road or air movements which collect and deliver parts at a time dictated by the network and are not always at a convenient location. Technology offerings can sometimes be insufficient too.

A traditional approach can reduce both efficiency and productivity, as well as frustrate customers and damage the overall custotmer experience, while a lack of visibility and control can make inventory management overly complex.

When customers need parts urgently, we can act on inventory data direct from an OEM and if parts are more readily available from an in-country dealership, we can organise a transfer of parts between dealers.

What are intra-dealer deliveries?

Intra-dealer or dealer-to-dealer deliveries is when urgent parts or products are moved between dealers, rather than the consignment coming direct from an EDC.

We offer this service to many of our agriculture clients, to offer them a more agile and faster means of supplying farmers when deadlines are tight.

When customers need parts urgently, we can act on inventory data direct from an OEM and if parts are more readily available from an in-country dealership, we can organise a transfer of parts between dealers. It is a service not offered by all providers, but one that offers greater flexibility and an enhanced customer experience to our clients’ customers.

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What value can you expect from working with Carousel?

With Carousel you can expect, first and foremost, a significant improvement to SLA performance. This improves machine up time and in turn, enhances the customer experience. Other key benefits include:

  • Increased parts turnover
  • Improved parts availability
  • Reduction in customer service administration
  • Enhanced customer service levels
  • Greater market share.

What are the customer benefits of choosing Carousel?

As a result of our bespoke solutions and flexible final mile options, our clients’ dealers and customers now benefit from:

  • Faster aftermarket deliveries
  • Easier processes for sourcing and returning parts
  • Higher brand advocacy.

For companies that have a real desire to grow, logistics is a critical building block for future revenue drivers. Satisfying customers sits at the heart of this.


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