Fine-tune your operations with spare parts distribution and aftermarket logistics solutions built for the automotive industry

What is Automotive Logistics?

Automotive Logistics refers to a specialist approach to distributing and storing vehicle components and parts within the automotive industry.

Automotive Logistics is bespoke, in that services are built around each manufacturer’s needs. Reputable providers should offer services that include time-critical materials and parts distribution, warehousing, stock and returns management.

The vast number of stakeholders within an automotive distribution network means that need a logistics partner that can guarantee speed, broad reach, and agility. To find out more, speak to a member of our team.

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As an automotive OEM, Tier 1 or 2 supplier, you need an industry-specific logistics solution built to withstand changing market conditions and growing demand; you must be equipped to deal with critical requests from dealers and customers in the shortest possible time.

The automotive industry is going through an exciting period of transformation. Manufacturers are moving to embrace electric vehicles, autonomous driving technology and other advancements designed to improve road safety. This period of growth doesn’t come without its challenges. Many manufacturers are struggling to meet demand due to global shortages in raw materials essential to automotive production such as aluminium,

This landscape of challenges and opportunities demands all-new levels of logistical agility. With Carousel as your logistics partner, you will benefit from advanced distribution capabilities while maintaining an exceptional standard of customer care.

Trust the Automotive Logistics specialists to handle your parts distribution

“Out-of-the-box” logistics providers are restricted in what they can offer in terms of bespoke solutions and consistent, reliable distribution. These distribution services often depend on pick-up/delivery windows that could span from several hours to an entire working day. Traditional Express solutions fall short of the mark, with projected delivery times of 1-3 business days.

These restrictions and a lack of tailored aftermarket logistics solutions mean that generalist providers simply can’t keep the automotive industry running as smoothly as it should. Reliance on traditional logistics providers lead to widespread operational inefficiency and unnecessary downtime for your customers and dealers. You may also end up with unwanted fines if parts are delayed or deliveries breach SLAs.

Fortunately for our clients, Carousel is not a generalist logistics provider; we offer time-critical logistics solutions tailored specifically for the automotive industry. With our Pan-European air and road distribution network, by-night delivery, flexible final mile options and aftermarket logistics, you can ensure:

  • Faster vehicle repair turnaround
  • Rapid first-time fix rates
  • Reliable returns management
  • Better inventory management
  • Higher level of customer care

Keep your operation running like a well-oiled machine

Get flexible final-mile delivery

We offer in-boot or in-van deliveries, plus secure Pick Up Drop Off (PUDO) sites, even in remote locations, to meet yours, dealers and engineers’ busy schedules.


Choose comprehensive aftermarket and reverse logistics

Spare parts storage, delivery, and returns all managed with one, end-to-end, time-critical solution. Take full advantage of our extensive network and opt for efficient returns ops to help improve your business’ capability and scalability.


Maximise efficiency and increase vehicle repair turnaround

By-night distribution lets dealers and mechanics save precious time for repairs with late-evening collection and before 8:00 AM delivery.


Gain visibility, control and flexibility

Our in-house customs brokerage team is available around the clock to ensure your spare parts are compliant with the latest customs rules and regulations.


Trust us with your delivery of valuable products

Whatever the size or careful handling required for your spare parts, we’ll take care of it. Our specialist teams are trained to treat your products according to the precise standards of your industry.

Trusted partner to leading Automotive Manufacturers

We’re proud to have partnered with market leaders in automotive manufacturing since our early days. Our goal has been to provide a world-class, bespoke service that solves distribution challenges from the source of the components to the final users, helping you guarantee material availability at all times.

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