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The fastest possible spare parts supply for your medical devices

In the uniquely vital world of Life Sciences, where precision and urgency blend with compliance and security, our comprehensive logistics solutions redefine excellence. From safeguarding valuable and sensitive products to ensuring seamless medical advancements, we are at the forefront of this crucial sector.

Life Science Logistics serves as the comprehensive framework that encompasses healthcare, MedTech, and pharma logistics, recognising the significance of each specific field and its distinct demands, all converging to enhance patient care and advance medical progress.


MedTech Logistics

We understand the link between device effectiveness and quality patient care and why this goes hand in hand with compliance, strict KPI’s and stringent SLA’s. We provide specialist logistics solutions that support class II and class III medical devices, including diagnostics imaging, scanners, X-ray tubes, plus a vast array of other complex medical and optical devices. Our expertise extends to the complex logistics involved in delivering these components to controlled environments within hospitals. With a focus not only on receiving centres but on specific rooms, departments, and wards, we provide a level of precision that sets us apart.


Pharmaceutical Logistics

Navigating the intricate landscape of pharmaceutical logistics demands dedication. Our end-to-end solutions address urgent, sensitive, and complex needs that come with storing and distributing medication, including bio and active ingredients. Whether it’s transporting critical dry-ice samples for clinical trials, safely moving radioactive medicine across Europe, or facilitating the swift delivery of stem cells for critical procedures, we excel. We have extended our support to Patient Home Care initiatives, orchestrating complete roll-outs and one-on-one patient training, and reconfiguring home testing kits. Embracing compliance and security, our solutions ensure controlled, compliant, and secure delivery, overcoming challenges in the pharmaceutical industry.


Healthcare Logistics

In healthcare, resilience and flexibility are paramount. Our solutions are crafted to enhance the supply chain’s robustness. From end-to-end visibility to delicate handling and regulatory adherence, we provide a seamless healthcare logistics experience. Delivering high-value parts, products, and medical supplies with the utmost care, we contribute to enhancing patient experiences. As healthcare logistics specialists, we offer solutions to support medical progress and patient well-being. Our final mile logistics solutions for spare parts optimise your supply chain around hospitals and clinics’ special requirements.


Exceptional Service Delivery For Better Patient Care

We specialise in the intricacies of collecting and delivering parts into hospitals and controlled environments, not only receiving centres but to the room, department and ward. Not just to the reception, to named individuals if required.

Your engineers and technicians need highly engineered solutions with unparalleled levels of robust flexibility. Our solutions start and finish with service options to suit them, ensuring they can access their parts from a SMART-LOCKER, van-boot or delivery can be arranged into the department or room before breakfast and returned in the most efficient way.

And when parts are too big, or your engineer needs some help, we can do that too. We adapt to the circumstance by offering physical help with specialist tools, people and vehicles to move goods such as X-Ray machines or MRI scanners.


What is Life Science Logistics?

Life Science Logistics are specialist logistics solutions designed for the high-priority medical industry. From medical technology to service parts and pharmaceutical products, these shipments require careful handling and steadfast action, because logistics of this kind is often intrinsically linked to the delivery of patient care. Flexibility and reducing risk are therefore essential requisites.

Whether your team of engineers/technicians are wasting time waiting for a missing spare part, or to repair a piece of diagnostic imaging equipment – such as an X-Ray or MRI device – missed deliveries and delays can slow down productivity. From first-time fixes to increased machine downtime, disruption can result in hefty fines and reduced reputation, while also tying up valuable resources that could be used elsewhere. That’s why consistent, fast, and highly flexible services are fundamental in Life Science logistics. Full visibility across the supply chain is also vital to reduce liability, and when this is combined with efficient service times and proactive customer support organisations can better anticipate and prevent any potential disruption.


What should you look for in a Life Science Logistics specialist?

The nature of the sector demands accuracy and promptness. The global shift caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how crucial a seamless and agile outbound and inbound logistics cycle is.

When lives are at stake, you need a trusted partner. One that is thoroughly compliant with the strict sector regulations, and that can offer agile and fast solutions to support any emergency with the utmost urgency. This means moving goods quickly, delivering on time and in perfect condition, whatever the circumstances.

To achieve this, a sophisticated logistics infrastructure and adjustable final mile options (such as in-room hospital deliveries – see below for more on this) are required, to guarantee frictionless, and complete end-to-end operations. By selecting an agile provider, you will be able to manage last-minute requests with ease, each tailored to your specific requirements, mitigating disruption risks, whilst unlocking your competitive advantage at the same time.


The importance of returns in Life Science logistics

Devices and hospital equipment are often sensitive and extraordinarily valuable, that’s why reverse logistics plays an equally important role in Life Science logistics, particularly when it comes to corporate competitiveness and profitability. Damage and loss are time-consuming and costly, therefore every stage of the supply chain must also be quick and seamless in reverse, allowing goods to be checked and restocked to inventory as soon as possible, improving your stock management, while also freeing up your engineers’ time.

Complete visibility and control can help to optimise productivity and reduce administration time in your supply chain. In turn, this will improve patient care while shortening waiting times for patients. Additionally, by relying on a consistent and seamless service, organisations are better equipped to meet compulsory deadlines and avoid costly SLA penalties.

The perfect medical logistics specialist should be able to provide you with a dynamic network and, at the same time, support you in planning and optimising your distribution, whilst offering full transparency over the whole fulfilment process.


Why is Carousel the right choice for my specific Life Science requirements?

Our future-ready solutions are specific to the MedTech, Pharma and healthcare sectors. We recognise the importance of device and equipment effectiveness, uptime, and the cruciality of quality patient care.

We specialise in providing reliable and comprehensive medical logistics to increase medical equipment operating time and improve patient care. Our end-to-end logistics solutions support medical devices, including diagnostics imaging, scanners, X-ray tubes, plus a vast array of other complex medical and optical devices.

Our work with Canon Medical

Leading global medical equipment manufacturer Canon Medical has been an innovator in medical applications for more than 70 years, and since 2017 Carousel has handled all Canon Medical UK’s critical parts deliveries and returns. The company needed a data-driven solution that would meet the lifesaving, time-sensitive demands of medical equipment industry. Relying on a dependable partner, able to manage easy and efficient deliveries, collections and returns process was crucial. As a complete end-to-end solution, Carousel stepped in to manage all aspects of the final mile (including white-glove delivery directly into specified hospital rooms), as well as returns operations, ensuring better inventory control for the company, and boosting efficiency performance for engineers. Learn more about how we support Canon Medical UK here here.

What services does Carousel offer to the medical industry?

At Carousel, we are specialists in hospital, MedTech and medical logistics, offering end-to-end solutions with minimal handover points across Europe and the UK. With our combination of expert teams, robust services, and leading technology we provide our clients value-added solutions that allow full control and visibility at every stage. We design our solutions to meet your specific requirements, from linehaul, clearance, delivery, and consolidation, to warehousing and return solutions, so you never need to compromise.

Carousel’s own air-cargo service offers our customers essential services for life-critical shipments and medical equipment:

  • Faster arrivals and early morning deliveries
  • Seamless flight linehaul
  • Comprehensive border solutions

We add value across the supply chain by increasing first-time fix rates, reducing the downtime of critical medical equipment and devices by offering a wide range of services made to accommodate every scenario, including:

  • Later collection times to enable faster and earlier delivery times the following day across Europe
  • EV Collections & Delivery in strategic locations
  • Largest Cargo Door within the market – avoiding direct road networks
  • Extensive Final Mile options – flexible end destination (site, smart locker, FSL, PUDO), or hospital in-room
  • Oversized, small equipment, and devices delivery
  • In-house customs brokerage and handling service
  • Returns management and warehousing
  • Lifecycle tracking
  • End-to-end quality control and data integrity
  • Market-leading app technology through Gateway® for full visibility on your shipments status


Our ‘white glove’ deliveries, direct into hospital rooms

Accurate shipment visibility and flexible delivery options are crucial for supporting engineers and healthcare technicians to effectively fulfil their role. That’s why we’re one of only a few providers who offer a ‘white glove’, in-room hospital delivery option, for when you need a bit of extra care for your sensitive, valuable and or life-critical products.

Our in-room delivery option makes up a key part of our time-critical, high-value medical equipment solutions for the movement of goods from a European Distribution Centre (EDC) or warehouse directly into hospitals. By collaborating with our clients closely, they can leverage our vast sector expertise, existing infrastructure, and leading technology to help them improve efficiencies, boost productivity levels, and ultimately improve patient care.


How Carousel enhances your MedTech logistics, improves service and drives market share.

We first start with a deep dive into your existing logistics solution. This audit looks to identify:

  • Order time to market
  • Engineer efficiency levels
  • OTIF rate
  • Availability of parts / inventory turnover ratio (by geography)
  • Return cycle time
  • Wider ESG/company objectives


The benefits a Carousel solution can bring:

  • Faster speed to market
  • Maximum engineer uptime
  • Reduced SLA penalties
  • Increased revenues & profitability
  • Improved patient care
  • Reduced inventory stock holdings
  • Greater market share


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