Collection and delivery times specified by you

Our By:NOW service is designed to provide you with flexibility to meet your collection and delivery requirements. With an extensive Critical Service Logistics network of air and road partners we can develop the right in-country and cross-border solution for you. We manage your deliveries via our Gateway® platform with the support of a client services team to provide you with:

  • One solution provider – all of your collections and deliveries will be managed centrally by Gateway, with analytics and insights to help drive the right decision when managing your service.
  • Own air network – connecting critical parts of Europe that can’t be accessed by road quickly, with the latest departures from vital industrial areas and the fastest handovers at point of entry with our very own handling staff.
  • Complete control and visibility, even for complex needs – we keep you informed every step of the way, whether it’s a time-critical part, hazardous battery, airbags to radioactive or stem cells, we are equipped to support your needs.



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