Aftermarket & Parts

Say goodbye to standard and hello to data-driven logistics

Is your organisation compromising on your solution? Are you wasting time, energy and resources? Are customers urgently in need of your spare parts and products, but your logistics is failing to live-up to expectations?

If that sounds familiar, then Carousel can help.

Intolerance to technician downtime is at an all-time high, especially when it comes to installing and maintaining parts quickly and efficiently.

Having the right logistics solution for the job can vary, depending on the needs of your customer, so that’s why our solutions include a variety of agile, urgent delivery options such as drop-off boxes, in-room and in-boot deliveries, as well as specialist services like technical assists, swap-outs and two-man deliveries (to name just a few). With a whole host of options to choose from, our solutions are built to flex to the needs of your customer, so no one needs to compromise.

Supported by our custom-built, transformational data exchange platform, Gateway, we enable technicians / engineers and your customers alike to see where their part is at all times – en-route, in a locker or out with an engineer. Even if a technical vehicle is not parked at the agreed location for an in-boot delivery, our technology will assist the delivery drivers in finding it, with the aid of GPS tracking. What’s more, we can also handle the returns process, routing parts sent back to wherever it needs to be.

With a market-leading suite of personalised services, underpinned by technology, you get logistics on your terms; and that means more technician up time, allowing more time for the installation of parts and ultimately, delivering on your customer promise.

Is your aftermarket an after-thought?

If you'd like to find out more about the services that make up our aftermarket solutions, then simply take a look at our services below, or read about our experience.

Aftermarket experience
  • By:NOW
    By:NOW Icon

    By:NOW is our time critical delivery service; when fast, just isn’t quick enough.

    When you’ve got urgent deadlines to meet we know you want your goods NOW not later. This service gives you the speediest and most efficient service imaginable. Even if it’s hazardous or high-value, our team of experts will get it there safely and keep you updated on what’s going on.

    It’s express deliveries, with added extras. 

    Core offering: Aircraft on Ground (AoG), Vehicle Off Road (VoR), Same Day UK, European dedicated, Global On-Board Courier and Next Flight Out.

    Flexible service offering: Person-Person, Swap-Outs, Technical Assist, Third-Party, Reverse Collections, Hazardous and Second Man.

  • By:DAY
    By:DAY Icon

    By:DAY is our delivery service during business hours.

    On demand, we’ll get your parcels, pallets and documents wherever and whenever they need to be – nationally or internationally.

    Tried and tested, we use tailored solutions underpinned by our leading technology to best suit your requirements. And our expert problem solvers, always select the right service to deliver your consignment.

    Trust us to get it right for you.

    Core offering: European Road Freight, Next Day & Overnight, Same Day UK, European or Worldwide Economy & Express, Day-specific and Air Freight.

    Flexible offering: Tail Lift, Oversized, Two-Man, Third-Party, Hazardous and High-Value.

  • By:NIGHT
    By:NIGHT Icon

    By:NIGHT is our out of hours delivery service.

    Crucial spare part or an urgent consignment? Our By:NIGHT service gets your delivery where it needs to be, with deliveries throughout the night.

    Via our own trusted network, we deliver goods at any time, no matter the size or weight. We can even deliver to a safe location of your choice, including in-boot or in-store.

    And, with item scanning we offer full track and trace on all deliveries, giving you visibility, control and total piece of mind.

    We serve while others snooze.

    Core offering: Field Service, Intelligent Box, Lock Box, In-Boot, Forward Stock Locations, Technical Courier, Installs & Assisted Fits, Bespoke Final Mile, In-Store, Two-Man Delivery, Stock Replenishments, Pre-Business 8am Deliveries, Keyless Drop-off Box, SmartLocker, Field Engineers / Dealers and Outsourced Technology.

    Flexible offering: Swap-Outs, Location to Location, Complete B2B / B2C Delivery Options, Same Day Courier and Packaging Recycling.

    By:RETURN Icon

    Faster than you can say ‘return to sender' our By:RETURN service gets items back to you. Quickly and efficiently.

    We capture data on the front line ensuring we route to pre-determined paths. We minimise your working capital and can even link inbound and outbound stock. We automate returns, to make you more efficient, all the while you’re in control.
    It’s returns, but not as you know it.

    Core offering: Temporary Import & Export, Cross Border Trade, Recovery / Recycling / Disposable, Swap Outs, Warranty Returns, Parts Management, GSI Compliant, Intelligent Returns, Data Capture On Front Line and Label / Device Technology.

    Flexible offering: Recovery, recycling and E-Waste.

  • By:TIME
    By:ITEM Icon

    BY:TIME means no more broken promises.

    By:TIME means we get your deliveries where they need to be, by specific time – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    And, with exceptional reporting, dynamic routing and labelling software and real-time tracking provided as standard we always keep you in control of what’s going on. After all, it’s your brand on the line, so we provide all the visibility and reassurance you need.

    By:TIME and on time – you can set your watch by us.

    Core offering: Timed, Express, and Smartpak Deliveries. Rendezvous and Weekend Specific.

    Flexible offering: Before 9am, 10am & 12pm, Third-Party Deliveries, Home Deliveries, Reverse Collections and Hazardous.