Medical logistics

Medical Logistics

We design logistics solutions specifically for MedTech, Pharma and Healthcare industries and have done so for over three decades.

Predictability and exceptional clarity are needed in logistics when supporting the upkeep and maintenance of medical devices and equipment. Our medical logistics solutions are designed with agility to manage unpredicted machine failures, scheduled maintenance and the management of rental equipment.

Clinicians, scientists and medical professionals devote their lives to save and enhance the quality of life. We support this with a team of healthcare logistics experts who design solutions to fulfil exact service needs that support medical breakthroughs and patients’ well-being.

MedTech Logistics

We understand the link between device effectiveness and quality patient care and why this goes hand in hand with compliance, strict KPI’s and stringent SLA’s. We provide specialist logistics solutions that support class II and class III medical devices, including diagnostics imaging, scanners, X-ray tubes, plus a vast array of other complex medical and optical devices.

We specialise in the intricacies of collecting and delivering parts into hospitals and controlled environments, not only receiving centres but to the room, department and ward. Not just to the reception, to named individuals if required.

Your engineers and technicians need highly engineered solutions with unparalleled levels of robust flexibility. Our solutions start and finish with service options to suit them, ensuring they can access their parts from a SMART-LOCKER, van-boot or delivery can be arranged into the department or room before breakfast and returned in the most efficient way.

And when parts are too big, or your engineer needs some help, we can do that too. We adapt to the circumstance offering physical help with specialist tools, people and vehicles to move goods such as X-Ray machines or MRI scanners.

Pharma and Healthcare Logistics

Valuable and sensitive products require high levels of security and systematic control when it comes to logistics.

We design end-to-end solutions that cater for urgent, sensitive or complex pharma or healthcare needs, from moving critical dry-ice samples for clinical trials to the movement of radioactive medicine across Europe or stem cells needed for urgent operations. We have even supported Patient Home Care initiatives with complete roll-outs and one2one patient training swap outs, and reconfiguration of home testing kits.

We understand that when it’s got to happen, it is controlled, compliant and secure.