Technology Mesh

Your Gateway® to digital spare part logistics




Gateway® is a custom-built, data-exchange for the hyper-connected age of manufacturing. This easy-to integrate service and technology platform connects businesses with Carousel’s pan-European network to ensure the smooth flow of your time-critical parts and products.

How does it work?

Gateway® works by connecting all the stakeholders to facilitate the free flow of information and enable the synchronised handling and sharing of data.

We take data from anywhere and normalise it, giving everyone – whether they’re field engineers, dealers, partners or even the end customer – the information they want, in a way that they want it.

Designed to easily and seamlessly interface with existing and emerging technologies, Gateway® provides complete transparency, and can be implemented in your organisation in just four short weeks.

Key features

  • Highly configurable, cloud-based control tower
  • Interfaces with any data source via API
  • Communicates via FTP Supports ERP platforms
  • Configurable engineer/technician, dealer, and customer applications
  • Extensive management information
  • Comprehensive tracking and time stamping
  • Pre-configured to over 200 carriers with direct label printing
  • Outcome monitoring and KPI testing
  • Reporting and analytics on demand
Gateway Desktop