Night time airport landing lights

End to end Air-Connect services, across Europe, every day



Our air-connection solutions

Our standard Air-Connect solutions are unparalleled, perfectly complementing our Road-Connect services.

Together, they connect European and local distribution centres, and/or key manufacturing areas to dealers, technicians or end users throughout Europe. This ensures aftermarket and spare parts/products leave you, as late as possible at night, and arrive as early as possible in the morning; irrespective of the destination.

We operate nightly flights every day throughout Europe via key air airport locations; offering a combination of our own nightly air-network, commercial uplift or charter solutions.

Carousel owned and operated airline network
Connecting the central European industrial belt with the UK and Ireland, we operate our own nightly aircraft for air-freight and air-courier solutions. This gives our clients the latest pick-up times on the market, combined with the highest levels of service. As an example: we can offer scheduled departures from DE and NL, departing as late as 22:00, injecting into a variety of networks including our own By:NIGHT network which delivers to over 90% of the UK and Eire before breakfast.

Download our flight schedule here. 

Commercial uplifts
With strategic alliances with some of the worlds largest airlines and with the ability to self-handle, we can make a real difference when guaranteed space is required on an airline. Whether its shipped on the last flight out or via the next available departure, we can expedite the handling, electronically book space, and pre-alert the receiving handling agent to ensure a smooth delivery into our extensive European network.

Freight air-charter
Not limited to just our own aircraft or commercial uplifts, we have access to the world's most comprehensive air charter solutions that operate around the clock. From planning, managing to execution, we have a wealth of experience that differentiates us from general operators.

This means whatever your demand, we offer a completely flexible, end-to-end solution, that guarantees to meet your delivery needs and respond to the most demanding compliance requirements, in matters of both time and performance. 


What's in it for you?

Our air line-haul is all about giving you, and your customers, a flexible logistics solutions that meets and exceeds your customers needs. Completely unrivalled, here’s what each of our routes offers you and what benefits you can look to expect:

  • Strategically-selected airport locations 
  • Late European collection times and injections times
  • Dedicated teams and regional expertise
  • Expedited handling 
  • Self handling 
  • Guaranteed uplift 
  • Operational stability
  • Integrated user technology 
  • Auto alerts on flight departures
  • A completely tailored service.

Specialist services include: 

  • Hazardous shipments
  • X-Ray and screening
  • Minimal handling 
  • Unique labelling
  • Out of gauge (oversized and long lengths)