Spare Parts Logistics

We offer time-critical solutions and planned emergency logistics for the movement of goods when they simply must be there.

What is Spare Parts Logistics?

Spare Parts Logistics is a solution dedicated to the efficient movement of spare parts, with precision and reliability.

This type of solution is critical for ensuring parts are available for the manufacturer of highly engineered finished products and or in the event of machine or product failure. It’s all about having the right parts in the right place, at the right time. Reliable and efficient spare parts management, delivered together with accurate, timely information, is the key to meeting strict SLAs, reducing machine downtime and the associated costs.

Is Spare Parts Logistics the solution for me?

If there’s no room for error in the delivery of your spare parts, then you need a dedicated spare parts logistics solution. Spare Parts Logistics allows our clients to maintain a consistent, on-time delivery of spare parts, even at peak times.

Often, our solutions are used to meet the precise needs of technicians and engineers, fixing vital equipment out in the field. In this type of scenario, Spare Parts Logistics offers fast and easy access to spare parts in convenient locations. So, if you need express, remote or overnight deliveries, with a range of flexible final mile options, then our Spare Parts Logistics solution is the one for you.

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What services underpin Spare Parts Logistics?

Our services are tried and tested, flexible yet robust, whilst our approach is dynamic. This means we work with you to pick and choose the most appropriate services you need to build your complete spare parts solution.

Our network is completely flexible meaning we can offer both bespoke and scheduled spare parts deliveries; while our unique combination of owned air-line hauls, in-night operations, plus dedicated final mile solutions and point-to-point deliveries adds even more customisation. Returns management can also be managed centrally by us, for a complete end-to-end solution.

By giving you options, you don’t need to compromise. The outcome is a robust solution you and your customers can rely on.

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How will my customers benefit from a Spare Parts Logistics solution?

By increasing the ease of access and the availability of parts, ultimately, we help engineers spend more time on-site.
For you, this means:

  • Higher first-time fix rate; driving up customer satisfaction levels
  • Reduced machine down-time; negating costly SLA penalties
  • Faster availability of parts; giving you the competitive edge
  • Greater in-field productivity; driving down engineer service costs and unnecessary road miles
  • Improved parts management; reducing inventory stock holdings and inventory loss, plus associated costs

An acceleration in service like this means our clients also benefit from a reduction in SLA penalties, and the removal of unnecessary road miles for engineers, both of which contribute to significant commercial savings.

We’re a specialist in spare parts logistics and our clients choose us because our solutions are faster, more resilient, more transparent and more precise than traditional providers.

Why should I choose Carousel?

Companies don’t partner with Carousel because they want an A to B logistics solution. They partner with us because we guarantee to deliver high value products and life-critical spare parts where, when and how they are needed.

We’re a specialist in spare parts logistics and our clients choose us because our solutions are faster, more resilient, more transparent and more precise than traditional providers.
Unlike other providers with a fixed service offering, we focus first on your business, not ours. We start with your service promise and then design a solution around your wider business objectives. It’s an approach which means we can support you to:

  • minimise your customer’s cost of failure
  • optimise your supply chain
  • increase customer satisfaction.

What is a Field Service Engineer Logistics Specialist?

Our extensive experience means we cover all aspects of spare parts logistics, including servicing a wide range of field service engineers and technicians for a range of industries.

We help organisations solve many of the problems preventing a seamless and consistent field service such as: poor visibility and lack of control in the last mile of the supply chain.

Our flexible final mile options, such as in-boot and locker delivery options, improve the efficiency of businesses with on-site field engineers and technicians, ensuring they have all the parts they need prior to the start of their working day. This helps to:

  • Minimise the downtime of equipment
  • Provide faster customer response times
  • Improve the efficiency of your operations.

What role does technology play in our solutions?

Our service and technology platform Gateway® provides complete control over your Spare Parts Logistics solution and is a key part of our toolkit for ensuring your parts always get to where they need to be.

As a user-friendly and intuitive data platform, Gateway® gives you all the facts you need to help drive both direct supply chain efficiencies, as well as support with in-direct value drivers, such as improved sustainability.

With live data streams at your fingertips, we help you proactively manage your spare parts inventory, avoiding unnecessary delays before they have even happened.

Key functions include:

  • Highly configurable control tower solution
  • Live information and proactive status alerts for end-to-end visibility
  • Customisable for engineer/technician, dealer and customer applications
  • Comprehensive tracking and time stamping
  • Pre-configured to over 200 carriers, with direct label printing
  • Outcome monitoring and KPI testing
  • Reporting and analytics on demand

How do you manage your service partnerships?

Our best-in-class solutions are built on a combination of our own network assets and those of our Trusted Partner Network. It’s just one of the ways that we work to ensure we can offer the very best, no compromise solutions, to you and your customers.

To guarantee our exceptional service delivery, we only work with the best-of-breed companies to complement our own service capabilities, company culture and digital innovation. Together, we combine our extensive capabilities and reach, with data and analytics, to deliver a connected solution.

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