Materials Handling Equipment

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What is Materials Handling Equipment Logistics?

Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) Logistics is a sector-specific approach designed to meet the unique needs of OEMs producing transport, positioning and storage equipment.

MHE manufacturers have exceptionally large-scale, complex distribution requirements, as their products are integral to day-to-day operations for engineers, customers and dealers across thousands of sites, in both urban and remote locations.

They must also be equipped to distribute everything from delicate robotics parts to forklifts, and other oversized machinery. These service features must be standard, and they must be consistent – otherwise business will be lost to the competition.

As Materials Handling Equipment Logistics specialists, we can accommodate these needs. Thanks to our extensive experience with time-critical parts distribution, we can create purpose-built solutions to help you tackle your most immediate logistical challenges.

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As a Material Handling Equipment (MHE) company, you need a specialist logistics solution that accommodates your unique business requirements, changing market demands and the fluctuating needs of your customers.

The materials handling equipment sector is going through a period of growth and development driven by rapid digital transformation throughout the supply chain. The global MHE market was valued at

Your ability to increase market share during this growth period depends on maintaining a high standard of customer care. With Carousel as your logistics partner, you can stay agile, maximise customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge.

Specialist Materials Handling Logistics

Most one-size-fits-all logistics providers don’t have the reach, flexibility or responsiveness to consistently accommodate your customer’s needs. Express courier solutions can often be unfit for purpose; customers are bound by assigned delivery windows and may have to wait 1-3 business days to receive essential goods.

The broad pick-up/drop-off timeframes and extended delivery times associated with these express courier solutions could easily disrupt your customers’ entire supply chain, impacting their bottom line and harming your reputation.

We specialise in Critical Service Logistics and are proud to support some of the biggest MHE companies in the world. We offer Pan-European air and road transport, by-night delivery, and flexible final-mile options. This means your engineers, dealers, and end customers will always have access to exactly what they need, precisely when and where they need it.

Enhanced control and visibility in your supply chain

Our user-friendly digital platform Gateway® offers complete transparency and control across your entire logistics solution.

Gateway® incorporates advanced analytics and supply chain-wide visibility, to help you root out inefficiencies, meet your sustainability goals, and respond to changing market demands with ease. Every aspect of the service we provide is designed to ensure you stay ahead of the game.

Tailored logistics solutions


Choose in-boot, in-van or in-site deliveries

Our flexible final mile options let you have goods delivered to engineer vehicles and other convenient, Pick Up, Drop Off (PUDO) sites.


Maximise efficiency for customers and engineers

By-night distribution lets customers and engineers make the most of their day, with late-evening collection, and pre-breakfast delivery.


Adapt to changing demands

Our solutions are scalable and designed to accommodate peak season increases in demand. Whatever happens, your distribution service will be able to keep up with your workload.


Gain complete visibility and control

Our user-friendly digital platform, Gateway® lets you maintain complete visibility and control over your logistics solution, maximising efficiency and creating complete peace of mind.


Navigate customs & compliance with ease

customs brokerage and compliance team are available around the clock to ensure your goods are compliant with customs rules and regulations.

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