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What is returns management and reverse logistics?

Returns management or ‘reverse logistics’ is the process of collecting, organising and restocking goods, and represents an integral part of any business that aims to provide seamless customer-focused solutions.

Implementing a robust returns management system allows companies to easily link outbound and inbound shipments which, in turn, maximises supply chain efficiencies and brings significant inventory cost savings, all the while improving sustainability.

The key benefits of implementing a consistent returns cycle are:

  • Optimised stock inventory – gain visibility on returns trends and avoid costly stockpiling practices, while also reducing warehousing space requirements

  • Reduced losses and waste – a disciplined quality control process ensures effective management of returns, helping toward both commercial and sustainability objectives

  • Less administration – by simplifying processes and removing complexity, we free up valuable time often spent on administration, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture

  • Improved commercials – consolidated shipments and reduced transportation spend all help toward the faster reselling of parts and products. Growth here can be significant, opening the opportunity for other services or revenue streams

  • Enhanced end-customer experience – minimise churn rates and improve stock availability by offering a swift and simplified returns process which can strengthen your trade relationships.

To take full advantage of the potential of reverse logistics, it is essential to employ an extensive network of returns options and processes in order to increase operations capability and scalability.

Speed and visibility are key factors here. By prioritising these two attributes, organisations can separate an excellent service from ‘vanilla’ support propositions.

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Is returns management the solution for me?

Whether it’s a dealer needing to manage their warehousing space, or an engineer that requires a fast spare parts collection at a specific time and place, a personalised returns management solution offers your organisation a greater level of flexibility to accommodate a wider range of specific requests from customers.

Similarly, if your returns cycle time is slower than you’d like, and as a result, your inventory and warehousing management are being directly impacted, then a personalised returns management solution is a good route to explore.

This is because tailored-made returns are all about securing rapid return cycle times: the faster the stock is returned and inspected, the quicker it can be sold again. Opting for one unique supplier to oversee and handle all processes, reduces further the risk of damages and losses in transit. A seamless flow allows you to contain losses and manage inventory more efficiently, making sure you do not need to resort to stockpiling in different locations. This practice will help reduce costs significantly, whilst optimising your admin and processing time to focus on efficiency.

How can I optimise my field service network with an effective returns solution?

An organisation can boost field service performance by simplifying the returns process and building a flexible solution around specific business requirements.

Take a field service engineer as an example; someone who needs to return defective spare parts quickly, while on the go…

Traditional processes for returns can be time-consuming, sometimes involving driving back to a central warehouse and completing lots of paperwork. This approach often means precious time is wasted that the engineer could otherwise be used to fix faulty machinery and equipment. A different approach however would see the engineer raising the return online or via an app and printing the label on the go. Faulty parts or products could then be dropped off at a convenient location (like box, locker, or PUDO) close by or collected at a specific place, at a time of their choice.

When your engineers can return the goods quickly, your inventory will benefit from the process; gradually seeing stock holdings minimised and reducing the likelihood of stockouts, all while you increase the opportunity to repair faulty items promptly.

A well-managed, seamless returns management solution can establish uniformity and great control. And if your reverse logistics partner understands your challenges and targets, and is committed to going the extra mile, you will reach and surpass your wider objectives.

What services does Carousel’s returns management consist of?

Our returns solutions comprise of a highly customisable returns processes, featuring:

  • Fast, efficient returns processes with minimal effort from the end user
  • Pre-inspection services
  • Full transparency status
  • A seamless experience for the end customer, featuring our latest service app technology
  • In-country cross-border returns services available across Europe


For seven consecutive years, we have been recognised as a Partner-Level Supplier in the John Deere Achieving Excellence Program. The John Deere Partner Status is the highest rating that can be awarded to suppliers by the internationally distinguished brand.
Read more about it here.

What does a customised return consist of?

When we talk about a customised returns process, it involves creating a uniquely tailored solution, built around your needs, not our network. Often this means consolidating your returns management solution to keep simple processes and offer you more speed and control.

We design these solutions by starting with your end customer first and then simplifying the complexity of returns and building in a range of versatile options that you choose and supervise.

The return of goods can then be easily prepared and sorted, left at an agreed location for collection or deposited into a boot, room, box, store, or PUDO, and managed by our digital platform, Gateway®.

We take digital returns and personalise them so you can reduce processes, and touchpoints, whilst minimising the time goods are out in the field, and rapidly return them into stock.

As the client, you can decide whether you want us to manage all inbound inquiries or make a pre-qualifying call to the sender before collection to ensure everything is correct. If you wish to directly manage specific data or individual reports to overview your stock and customer’s behaviours, we can also provide you with the tailored support you need.

Why should you choose Carousel for your reverse logistics?

As a time-critical logistics provider, we understand the importance of seamless and reliable return operations. Our solutions are designed to deliver a consistently exceptional experience for your customers, helping you maximise efficiencies, seek new opportunities, and ultimately grow. We know the impact a poor returns service can have on supply chain efficiencies and the integral role they play in achieving your wider strategic objectives. That’s why we take a holistic approach to solution design and guarantee your customer the service you promise.

We have proven track record for delivering tailored reverse logistics solutions that meet our client’s specific needs. Our returns solutions seamlessly connect with all other outbound services and this, together with our leading technology platform, means we can offer the flexibility necessary to improve your efficiencies and optimise your network while giving you all the visibility and control you require.

In practice, our returns solution brings tangible benefits to your business. For instance, for one client our approach to returns saw us significantly reduce inventory stock by 20% and eliminate an estimated of £500,000.00 of surplus parts and product.

Read more about our work with the multinational manufacturer of construction and material handling company Liebherr.

How will returns management impact my end customer service performance?

The way your organisation handles return requests is directly proportional to your customer’s satisfaction. By providing a simple, fast, and stress-free return process to your end customer, you significantly increase their loyalty.

Customer satisfaction dictates today’s success as swift and fully responsive customer service is expected in any industry. As returns uphold and decide a substantial portion of the service level expectation, relying on a returns management partner becomes imperative for your organisation to meet the increasing demand.

We look to enhance the end-customer experience through returns management in the following ways:

  • Offering a personalised returns process, that suits the customer’s need
  • Providing continuous notifications to the customer/client
  • Offering control tower technology that offers a better overview of relevant information encouraging faster decision making and reducing risk or error/delay
  • Improving accessibility and automating decision-making where possible
  • Offering dedicated customer support teams when needed

By expertly marrying customer experience with returns management, we help our organisations deliver an enhanced brand experience to their customers.

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