Returns management

Returns Management

Your returns management solution can positively impact client retention, profitability, and sustainability; handled correctly, it can be fully integrated with minimal handling and waste and will be customised to meet your business requirements.

Digital Returns

Return goods play a significant role in influencing customer success. It is the one element organised at arm’s length and one you do not have direct control over.

Returns cause most logistics companies and shippers a disproportionate amount of issues and time consumed within their business.

We start with your end customer in mind and simplify the complexity of returns, by building in flexible options that you control.

The return of goods can simply be organised and left at an agreed location for collection or deposited into a boot, room, box, store, or PUDO, managed by our digital platform, Gateway®

Customised Returns

We create unique tailored solutions around your needs, not our network, to optimise your returns management solution. We take Digital Returns and personalise them so you can reduce processes, touchpoints, minimise the time goods are in the field and rapidly return goods into stock.

If you want us to manage all inbound inquiries or make a pre-qualifying call to the sender before collection to ensure everything is correct, that’s fine. Or maybe it’s specific data or individual reports you need to manage your stock and clients behaviours – we can manage that too.

We also offer Fixed Path Returns – so goods can travel directly from the pick-up point back to set locations. These include; recycling or recalibration centres or one of our hubs where we perform pre-agreed tasks, including shipment consolidation and part/paper verification or simply checking before the final delivery.

Using our digital platform Gateway®, we can build solutions to link your original outbound part with the returned inbound part, up to months later, to support your industry compliance via our Closed-Loop Return service.

And if you need a mobile app to help with your customer experience, we’ve got that covered.