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Carousel extends AEO status across its group of companies

02 August 2019

We are delighted to announce that two business units from the Carousel group of companies, have now been granted Authorised Economic Operator status.

AEO is an internationally recognised mark that simplifies customs procedures and authenticates that Carousel’s customs controls meet EU and HMRC standards to help mitigate delays that could occur in a ‘No Deal’ Brexit scenario.

This month, Carousel in the UK has attained the Authorised Economic Operator Full certification or ‘AEOF’. This certification is the highest level achievable in the EU programme for Authorised Economic Operators and comprises of both customs simplifications and security. In Germany, Carousel is already a holder of Authorised Economic Operator for customs simplifications (AEOC), having gained the accreditation last year.

The benefits of AEO
As a group, the extended AEO certification allows Carousel to accelerate import and export procedures and facilitate ‘Just-In-Time’ logistics solutions, should a ‘No Deal’ Brexit happen.

The accreditations guarantee Carousel clients: fast-tracked Customs’ control; less need to provide as many mandatory declarations and prior notification of any inspections relating to safety, security and customs’ legislation. Carousel’s German entity will also be able to move goods into temporary storage between different member states. These benefits allow Carousel to offer clients:

  • The latest possible pick-ups
  • Earlier deliveries
  • Improved visibility and control on consignments
  • Fewer delays
  • Better inventory management
  • Streamlined processes.

Kevin Turner, Divisional Director at Carousel explains here why gaining the status is so important:

“In extending our status, we are now in an even stronger position ahead of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit scenario, adding to our robust portfolio of ‘Brexit-ready’ services, international credentials and extensive customs expertise.

“Critically, our extended AEO status highlights the group’s competence in customs procedures – whatever form Brexit may take – offering significant benefits to our clients. Distinguishing us as a reliable and trusted trading partner, our clients’ parts and products will be safer, in a more secure environment, and less likely to face delays in clearing international borders.”

Carousel group CEO Graham Martin, added:

“The entire team at Carousel has worked hard to achieve our latest AEO certification. Extending the status across the group is an important and strategic milestone for the business and our clients. As we continue to await details regarding the context of the UK’s departure from the EU, we’re as ready as we can be, and have made it even easier for clients to do business with us – no matter the outcome.”

For more information about AEO, please visit our blog or if you require further support, contact our Brexit Helpline.




HMRC Customs

What is the AEOC certification?

AEOC can be issued to any business that fulfils the criteria of customs compliance, appropriate record-keeping standards and financial solvency. Holders benefit from a quicker process of authorisation when applying for customs procedures such as:

  • The Local Clearance Procedure under HMRC Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP) and the National Export System (NES)
  • Simplified declaration procedure under CFSP and NES
  • Simplifications for regular shipping services.

Other benefits include the ability to:

  • Move goods in temporary storage between different member states
  • Undertake a centralised clearance (when available)
  • Complete self-assessments (when implemented).

AEOC could also enable a faster application process for customs simplifications, authorisations and reductions/waivers of potential debt guarantees.

What is the AEOF certification?

AEOF comprises both the customs simplification status (AEOC) and the security and safety AEO certification (AEOS).

In addition to the features and benefits of AEOC (see above), AEOF status recognises that a business also maintains appropriate security and safety standards, benefiting from:

  • A lower risk score - used to determine the frequency of customs physical and documentary checks
  • Fast-tracked consignments through customs control
  • Reduced requirements for the mandatory pre-arrival/pre-departure Entry Summary Declarations (ENS) or Exit Summary Declarations (EXS)
  • The potential for future reciprocal arrangements and mutual recognition with countries outside the European Community, for example, USA or trading partners that adopt the WCO Safe framework.