10 April 2019

Carousel renews contract with Jungheinrich Spain

Jungheinrich De España S.A.U., the Spanish operation of Hamburg-based Jungheinrich AG, has announced its renewed contract with service-logistics provider and technology platform specialist Carousel Logistics. The world-leading material-handling equipment manufacturer will continue to partner with Carousel for its time-critical spare part final mile deliveries and returns across Spain.

As the sole distribution partner in Spain, Carousel is responsible for importing spare parts from Jungheinrich’s European Distribution Centre in Germany and then delivering parts and products to more than 220 engineers across the country. Offering a variety of flexible final mile options – including in boot deliveries – the solution utilises Carousel’s own network of Drop-Off Boxes (DOBs) making it one of the first providers to offer such a service.

Carousel delivers more than 6,000 consignments for the manufacturer every month – 55 per cent of which are in boot – and this has grown year-on-year since their partnership began in February 2014.

The technology-led solution

At the heart of the solution is Carousel’s technology platform which guarantees data such as proof of delivery (PODs) are captured in real time, giving complete visibility and control at every stage. Drivers use PDAs to scan items in and out of drop-off locations, while engineer vans can be located via GPS tracking. By embedding the technology into the existing supply chain, Jungheinrich enjoys a consistent and seamless operation, using just one central platform.

As a completely end-to-end solution, Jungheinrich can return products and parts from the strategically-located return points, choosing again from a range of flexible options and using the same technology platform used for tracking.

A customer-first approach

Carousel’s bespoke solution, first began with an analysis of customer need, identifying what services would bring the most value to their engineers and support them to meet urgent delivery schedules. With this customer-first approach, parts are delivered close to engineers – no matter their size or shape – to make certain operations are as efficient as possible.

Santiago Pérez, After-Sales Director at Jungheinrich Spain said: “Carousel offers us an intelligent logistics system which is key for us to deliver a premium service to our customers. Throughout the years that we have been working with Carousel, we have implemented solutions which have made us more productive and efficient day after day.”

Marcel Andriessen, Chief Sales Officer at Carousel Logistics said: “Great service and seamless logistics is at the very heartland of Jungheinrich and that’s why getting the right services for their customers is of the upmost importance.

“We are one of the few providers offering DOB, locker, in-boot and other final mile services in Spain and Portugal and we are continuously expanding our locations to offer our clients a denser network. In doing so, we offer our clients a reliable and flexible service that meet and exceed customer expectation and help them gain the competitive edge in their respective markets”.

Carousel continues to extend its DOB and final mile services across Spain and Portugal. To find out more about our services or to receive all the latest updates from Carousel email us, or visit the website for more details.