6 March 2019

Stockpiling: Don’t believe the hype?

Considering stockpiling, but not sure if it's right for your logistics strategy?

In a new blog, Carousel Chairman – Franz-Joseph ‘FJ’ Miller – discusses whether we should believe all the hype about stockpiling when it comes to preparing for Brexit. He looks and the pros and cons of stockpiling and also examines what alternative stocking options are available to businesses in high performance industries.

A short snippet from the article:

“There is a certain stockpiling hype happening as we get closer to Brexit. For some businesses, this is indeed the right tactic to go about. Others should consider their options before starting a stocking frenzy. I always recommend taking a step back and really look at one’s own processes. More often than not, the right solution for one business doesn’t fit the next. As well as stockpiling, consider options like agile air services or raising your company’s efficiency by means of technology solutions. With the right solution, Brexit will be a survivable event”.