Carousel Trucks and Tractors

Carousel elevated to John Deere partner status

18 March 2015

Carousel recognised by John Deere for achieving excellence

Carousel is delighted to announce its achievement of John Deere PARTNER status; the highest rating that can be awarded to suppliers of the internationally distinguished brand.

Andrew Ovenden, Carousel's Logistics Director flew to Illinois, USA to join the manufacturer's key leaders at the 'John Deere 2015 Achieving Excellence Banquet' in March, and collected the award on the company's behalf.

Carousel works closely with John Deere on their programme labelled 'Achieving Excellence', which begun in 2012 as 'a Strategy for World-Class Supplier Relationships'. The programme runs globally, building strong relationships with those organisations who can add value to John Deere products and services, providing them with a competitive advantage. Within the first two years of the programme, Carousel has demonstrated its critical contribution to John Deere's supply chain, and as a result moved from KEY to PARTNER status.

"During 2014, Carousel delivered its highest performance to date with an outstanding 99.77% on-time delivery rate, along with a further reduction in the average length of delivery time, exceeding previous above-industry-average performances."
Men shaking hands accepting award