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Carousel IIP accreditation - going for gold!

06 November 2015

Inspiring a great team

I'm often asked, as Carousel holds Investors in People Gold Accreditation how we have built such a great team and keep them engaged.

Well, we're currently going through the process of reviewing our Investors In People accreditation, which I'm really proud to say, not only have we have retained for over 10 years now but we are amongst a very small percentage of companies to reach Gold standard.

It's true that in every business it's the efforts of all the individuals within a team that makes the whole 'system' work, but this is especially evident within a supply chain where if one area falls over, it can create a catalogue of errors. Logistics is never better than when a consignment flows smoothly from one stage to the next to its destination. Think of a commercial kitchen, with each member in the super organised environment knowing their exact purpose within the chain of events to get orders from a ticket to the table. And to coin a phrase from Aristotle, it's crucial to recognise "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts".

So it's not just about motivating each individual, but bringing them together as one team with one message and one shared goal. For me, you can't underestimate the value of showing your colleagues how their efforts positively impact on the rest of the 'chain' and celebrating these successes together as a unit.

At Carousel, we share frequent company updates on where we are as a business and where we want to go. But more importantly, we show them how far we have come and the importance in showing recognition in one another; we have weekly Good News Friday emails, we're currently planning our party to celebrate 30 years of success as a business, and more recently held a Long Service Awards Day with an afternoon of pizza and treats for all with presentations for those who have shown loyalty to Carousel for five, 10 or 15 years.

Anybody who has undertaken the IIP accreditation process will tell you that it's no mean feat, so to be going for gold again this year at a time when our team continues to grow rapidly and we're gearing up for the festive period, means we really have to make sure we're doing everything we can to continue to make Carousel a fantastic place to work.