European specialist for time-critical service logistics
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Dedicated air freight services for expedited European deliveries
Seamless, end-to-end solutions tailored to suit your needs
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Extensive final mile options underpinned by leading technology

We are Carousel

European Time-Critical Logistics Specialist

Carousel delivers high-value parts and products for Performance and Life-Critical industries.

We provide fast, in-night distribution services, including completely end-to-end aftermarket and spare parts logistics solutions. Where precision business continuity and customer promise are essential, we offer an extensive range of services including first and final-mile delivery options, field engineer and dealer services; an extensive air and road network, returns management solutions, client warehousing and customs clearance services, right across Europe.

With our holistic approach to solution design, we guarantee your end customer the service you promise, without the need to compromise.

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Carousel in Numbers

Over 1.2 million time-critical shipments handled per year
Full coverage in 35 European countries
99.8% delivery accuracy
Over 50 active flights per week
14 Service centres

Our Flexible Logistics Solutions

Our Solutions
Adaptive end-to-end solutions customised for your needs

In the challenging world of spare parts logistics management, we, at Carousel, stand as pioneers, providing critical service solutions that redefine efficiency, precision, and reliability. We have one clear mission: to provide your business exactly what you need, precisely when and how you need it.

We recognise that in industries where downtime is measured not just in minutes, but in terms of criticality and customer satisfaction, every moment matters. Imagine a logistics solution that aligns with the heartbeat of your operations. With Carousel as your partner, you can rest assured that your business efficiency will be our priority.

Our efficient spare parts management will help you meet stringent SLAs, curb machine downtime, and mitigate associated extra costs.


End-to-end bespoke solutions for exceptional value

Is spare parts logistics the right formula for your business? The answer lies in the very heart of your operations. If precision and flexibility are not just requirements but imperatives for your business, our dedicated solutions are what you’re looking for. We tailor our services to the unique needs of technicians and engineers who work diligently out in the field. Whether it's express, remote, or overnight deliveries, our solution stands as the bridge between efficiency and excellence.

The building blocks of our success: our consultative approach and unyielding commitment

Our experts adopt a consultative approach to maximise your business potential while leveraging our extensive network and industry knowledge. Putting you first, our dedicated team combines their commercial industry experience with your specific needs.

Our offering, combined with our people’s skills, is the backbone of our success. Choose from bespoke and scheduled spare parts deliveries, benefitting from our unique combination of air-line hauls, in-night operations, dedicated final mile solutions, and PUDOs options. In every service, we provide you with a range of propositions and an always-consistent outcome – a robust solution that empowers your business and keeps your customers satisfied.

A comprehensive network partnership

At Carousel, we're not just about logistics; we're about partnerships. Our solutions rest on the seamless integration of our network assets and those of our trusted partners. This value-driven collaboration guarantees uncompromised solutions, where your success is our sole mission. Through partnership, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence, we redefine logistics standards.

Gateway® - Your Control Tower Solution

Our commitment to precision extends beyond logistics - it's woven into technology. Meet Gateway®, our service and technology platform that gives you full control over your spare parts logistics solution. With real-time data streams, proactive status alerts, comprehensive tracking, and more, Gateway® empowers you to proactively manage your inventory and drive supply chain efficiencies.

Why choose Carousel?

Unlike traditional providers, we don't just promise A to B logistics. We promise precision that resonates with your business objectives. Your success is our focus, and it's the driving force behind every solution we offer. By choosing Carousel, you're choosing reliability, flexibility, and a partner who's as invested in your success as much as you are.

With Carousel Logistics as your partner, you're not just receiving solutions; you're gaining a catalyst for operational excellence. Streamline your spare parts journey, optimise your supply chain, and boost your business to its full potential.

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At Carousel, we provide industry-specialist logistics solutions for all our clients, and our goal is to improve their business capabilities. We combine sector-specific experience with our client’s unique requirements to offer scalable, flexible solutions that adapt to objectives and challenges as and when needed. That’s why you can count on us always to go the extra mile to manage your time-critical logistics.

We constantly improve and grow with your business, navigating the ever-changing market and fast-paced competition, while providing extra support to enhance your supply chain operations.

We enquire about your objectives, we engage with your vision, we add value along the way.

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